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Washington Tea Party cup of tea

Before my academic career, I sought a career on stage illuminated by the footlights, then later behind the curtain cloaked in a dim, cyan hue.  As a writer, my career began in the editorial department of a regional, daily newspaper in Mississippi, and since then I have steadily sought a career as a writer.  My theatre and music background ushered me into the world of the arts writer.

More recently, I co-wrote a 25-page paper on healthcare reform, in collaboration with the business department at The Citadel.  Expanding my range of topics and styles, I covered local, state, and national news and politics.  My articles have been published in local and national publications, such as the Charleston City Paper, Charleston TodayJames Island Messenger, Post and Courier, and West Of newspapers in Charleston, and also TownhallAmerican Thinker, and Rare Politics.  Readers may also view my blog on Facebook at Political Junkie.


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