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Letter to the Editor: Thank a policeman

August 15 2016
Chief Greg Mullen spoke to the Charleston County Republican Women recently about the importance of nourishing community relationships. Obeying the law, respecting law enforcement, assisting them whenever possible, and thanking them for their service is what we citizens can do.
Likewise, law enforcement works conscientiously every day to respect citizens’ civil rights and treat them with courtesy, while simultaneously remaining on guard for the unexpected that could endanger citizens and themselves.

Striking that balance is difficult, especially with media and protest groups manipulating and demagoguing the rare improper police procedures.

Chief Mullen was also wise to point out that when the police do act improperly, we need to acknowledge it and correct it. They are only human, and sometimes make mistakes.

We citizens should remember that 99 percent of our law enforcement officers are honorable men and women sacrificing their own safety every day for our sake.

Police Shootings Seattle

Jasen Frelot, left, holding his daughter, Ruby, gives a pat to Seattle police officer, Daniel Aguirre, after handing the officer a rose in response to the shootings of police officers in Dallas, Friday, July 8, 2016, in Seattle. Frelot was among a handful of members of the local faith community handing out the flowers as a way to reach out in support. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Chief Mullen and his police department provide protection and leadership, along with city leaders, community leaders, and citizens, who maintain Charleston as a highly desirable place to live.

Be sure to thank them the next opportunity you have.

Second Vice President
Charleston County Republican Women
Stinson Drive



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