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Hypocrisy is as Hypocrisy Does

May 5, 2016

Hypocrisy is saying the opposite of what you do, or pretending to be something you are not. Jesus preached against hypocrisy with passion, sometimes anger, particularly in Jewish leaders. Confucius was ashamed of the hypocrisy in his government leaders. All great truths identify hypocrisy as a vile form of human behavior. A dedication to truth requires courage and must be a requirement in leaders at all levels.

Clinton-TrumpCase in point: Trump’s campaign motto is “Make America Great Again.” He is already making America worse, and he is not even a nominee, much less an elected official. Trump diminishes America with crass animosity, fear-mongering, unabashed profanity, fake religious piety, crony big-business practices, graft, unconstitutional assumptions of power, adulterous boasting — the list goes on and on — and then complains that the system is “rigged” against him. “Victim Trump” is a weak sell in the face of his millionaire lifestyle to which he was born. Being born wealthy is not a sin. Falsely claiming to understand the lower orders and their struggles is not just hypocritical, it is cruel, because real people are looking for leadership and hope in the fall out of today’s economic malaise. Trump fails to grasp what two-thirds of the American electorate knows: he is a repulsive hypocrite.

The “rigged” system to which he is referring, is that which political party members developed to prevent a charlatan from taking over the party. Were Trump a Republican, he would know that. Had he hired competent campaign advisors, they would know that. Either they are incompetent or they do not care that they are undermining and destroying the institutional structures of our democratic system. Which vice do you prefer?

Seldom do people join a club whose values and mission they do not share, except for egotists like Trump, who believe that they can convince people to deny what they know is true.

Hillary Clinton’s attempt at self-victimization backfired, which is saying a lot considering the basis of her campaign is that she is a woman and would “make history” based on the merits of being a woman, whatever that means. That poor woman, Mrs. Clinton, is so desperate to prove that supporting her philandering husband was a worthy Faustian deal, she has taken every side of every issue. She speaks as if yesterday, or the 1990s, never happened. We have long recognized that Bill Clinton was a narcissist without a moral compass, but we also have known that Mrs. Clinton was the Bonnie to his Clyde. Mr. Clinton’s childhood was wrought with family dysfunction and financial hard times, but former Goldwater girl, Mrs. Clinton of the Chicago suburbs, hypocritically plays the underdog, the poor, oppressed woman in a man’s world. I have said it before: I stopped thinking of Hillary Clinton as a woman when she started persecuting women for holding her husband accountable for his sexual abuse and harassment. Demagoguing “women’s issues” plays well with victimized-group-thinkers, but independent women recognize Mrs. Clinton as the hypocrite that she is. Independent women do not need men to blaze their career paths for them or rescue them when they blunder a fake Southern accent before a black church congregation.

Americans should be angry and ashamed of the hypocrisy of the so-called leaders in the 2016 presidential race.



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