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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

April 28, 2016

Following the New York state primary, the count now for Republican delegates is: Donald Trump 846, Sen. Ted Cruz 544, and Gov. John Kasich 149, with 259 being unclaimed or unbound. For the Republican nominee, 1,237 is the minimum requirement for nomination. Not close to 1,237, as Mr. Trump argues. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Just ask U.N.C.-Chapel Hill’s basketball team.

horseshoes-and-handgrenadesPolitics is not a public school where grade inflation is manipulated to boost average test scores so that the principal can brag about their success. In 1976, Vice-President Gerald Ford lacked the required minimum number of delegate votes to capture the nomination over Gov. Ronald Reagan. Being the mature and intelligent leader that he was, V.P. Ford did not whine and complain about the rules. Despite passionate politicking on both sides, he persisted and won the necessary number of delegates to receive the nomination on the first ballot, and Gov. Reagan graciously conceded the race. Like Ted Kennedy tried in the 1980 Democratic Party National Conventional, Mr. Trump wants to change the convention rules, because he does not like losing to the candidate that party members prefer.



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