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Cultural Deconstruction by the New Left

April 14, 2016

Demagogues of this issue are using yet another strategy by the New Left, a subversive attempt to break down American society by attacking cultural norms. This long-term strategy of the New Left in America has required more patience, because the New Left realized in the 1960s that revolution was not going to happen. Totalitarian states used overt force: restricting family size, women’s roles in society, and freedom of speech. Radical groups in America became covert and infiltrated political structures from the ground up. New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago were key targets for these radicals, and they blended into the Democratic Party to avoid the stigma of the Socialist Party. In America, shaming has successfully oppressed speech. No doubt, some readers will object to my choice of vocabulary, because political correctness has penetrated society so deeply that we no longer call things what they are out of fear of social condemnation.

delapidated houseAfter changing the meaning of family and marriage, now a growing portion of society seeks to change the definition of “male” and “female,” which also cannot be done. Transvestites and transsexuals make deliberate choices that have profound psychological and social consequences. While they are free to choose for themselves, they are not empowered to force the rest of society to accept or bear the consequences of their choices. The use of public facilities is dependent on respect of other people’s privacy. A very small percentage of humanity is attempting to deconstruct this customary public trust because it wants it, regardless of the laws of nature or the rights of others.



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