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Happy Birthday, Obamacare. I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating.

April 7, 2016

Obamacare turned six years old in March. To celebrate, President Obama and the Democrats are practicing their ABCs and learning addition and subtraction so that they can read the bill that they squeezed through Congress, like Jerry Nadler squeezing into a size 2 Playtex girdle.

Obamacare-birthdayIn 2013, I wrote an academic paper, “The Danger of Unintended Consequences and the Failures of Health Care Insurance Reform Under the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,’” in which I assessed: “The president’s promise is not merely an ambiguous, unfulfilled campaign promise . . . the A.C.A. actively incentivizes businesses to drop their employee insurance plans . . . 71 Fortune 100 companies [said] that they would save hundreds of millions of dollars by cancelling employee insurance plans and releasing them into the government-run health exchanges.” Inflexible government regulations “on employers and insurance companies by the A.C.A. will most likely result in those plans being cancelled because their employees will not be able to afford the necessary rise in costs or the providers will no longer be able to satisfy the law’s requirements and remain financially viable. Obamacare will ‘cost many Americans their employer-based health insurance, undermine job creation and raise health-care costs for all,’ said Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” Saying “I told you so” is no fun when so many people are facing dire circumstances.

Last week Ted Cruz appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and explained that Obamacare was hurting Americans, because it raised the costs of medical insurance and caused small businesses more hardship, thus making it more difficult to hire more employees, and was actually causing businesses to lay off employees. Kimmel was incredulous. He “just didn’t see that.”

This is why Ted Cruz is a constitutional lawyer and U.S. Senator running for president and Kimmel is a talk-show host.

Warnings of the harmful effects of the A.C.A. were plentiful before its passage and Democrats ignored them like warnings on a pack of cigarettes. Most Americans recognized the implausible promises of the bill. The concept that the government could effectively manage one-eighth of the economy was absurd. The idea that the government should mandate the purchase of any product is offensive. The notion that the market place would react favorably to government control is implausible. The free market detests government interference, which is why we have seen rapid increases in medical costs and insurance premiums since the U.S. government began their take-over in 1965.

Bean counters also warned of the budget-busting costs of starting up such a gargantuan program, excluding unpredicted disasters, such as the healthcare.gov website. However, Bloomberg Government put the total cost of the healthcare.gov website at $2.1 billion by taking into account budgetary costs for the I.R.S. and other government agencies, as well as contracts to rebuild the website following its initial failure to work.

Out of the 9.25 million Americans who registered through Obamacare, merely 260,000 took out private policies. The remainder were Medicaid recipients.


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