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Politics is a Buzz Kill During Holy Week

March 31, 2016

The religious climate in America is also deeply concerning to many Americans. Religious views are gradually conforming to the secular world, not for the first time in history, and legal encroachments on religious liberty do not bode well for traditionalists or the orthodox.

While the definition oAmerican democray - Judeo-Christian Greco-Roman, Englisf freedom of religion is re-interpreted to mean suppression of religious freedom, religious communities are experiencing pressure within, as well as without, to conform to secular views. The Anglican and Episcopalian denomination, for example, is undergoing a schism. The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. is experiencing intense internal conflict, so much so that churches are holding seminars to discuss how to handle disagreements and conflicts and prevent a schism.



One comment on “Politics is a Buzz Kill During Holy Week

  1. Charlie Morrison
    April 15, 2016

    In discussing this issue at the citadel over the female student wanting to wear a hijab, I have felt distinct pressure coming from not secular forces but rather the faith-based community. In particular, i’ve taken heat from a number of people who seem to think our country is supposed to be a Christian nation instead of a bastion of religious tolerance and freedom. It’s easy enough to laugh off but an inefficient use of time.


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