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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Originally published December 24, 2015

Refugee settlements in Europe have overwhelmed the government structures and social fabric of those societies. High numbers of Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees have produced serious cultural conflicts in all major European cities. For years, cultural enclaves prevented Muslims from assimilating and bonding with their neighbors. When the mass violence exploded in Paris November 13, the extent of Muslim isolation in France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, and other European nations was brought to the world’s attention. The terrorism inflicted on the innocent people in Paris is a high price to pay for allowing the cultural isolation to form in the first place.
As MiddSyrian refugees in S.Cle Eastern refugees begin to arrive in South Carolina, our best Christian witness is to assist with their transition. As people of the book, Arabs and Jews share the same patriarch in Abraham, and Christians are spiritual descendants of the Jews. The process of their arrival is inadequate, but they are coming. Most likely they are Muslim, and they will witness the religious freedom and generosity in our country.


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