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The Real Main Event

January 21, 2016

On the day after the presidential debate in North Charleston last Thursday, the front page of every newspaper in America carried a story proclaiming who won. Most headlines read that Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas won the debate, and a few cited Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida or Mr. Donald Trump, New York City real estate mogul, as the victor. Frank Luntz’s focus group of South Carolina Republicans voted almost unanimously that Sen. Cruz bested his Republican opponents on the sage.TheMainEvent

The more interesting story took place not on the debate stage, but in cyberspace. Fox Business Network and the Republican National Committee decided to bump Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and businesswoman Mrs. Carly Fiorina to the earlier debate, based on supposed polling numbers. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was not included in the prime time debate, he decided to forego the debate all together and hold his own town hall meeting nationwide via the power of the internet.


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