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The Crude Satire of Political Reality

January 28, 2016

South Carolina politics has been less predictable since Sen. John McCain won the Republican nomination in 2008.  The S.C. Republican Party has experienced a deep divide between “establishment” candidates, such as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie,  and “liberty candidates,” such as senator Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, all of whom Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund supported.  Rubio is now slipping into the “establishment” category, riding somewhere in between.  Non-politicians, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, are also very attractive to the disgruntled S.C. Republican, who may or may not identify with the Tea Party, but is fed up with Republicans behaving and voting like Democrats.  “Democrat-lites” some people call them.

Under Pres. George W. Bush, the Republican Congress continued with deficit spending, Vote for Quimby bimbostriggering protest that grew into the Tea Party. As Sen. Rand Paul describes them, “They are a bunch of junkies. They are addicted to spending.”  That period of reckless fiscal policy was nothing compare to Pres. Barack Obama’s first years in office with a Democrat Congress spending like it was L.B.J.’s Great Society on steroids.  Sure enough, the Republicans now are struggling to find their fiscal backbone, raising the debt ceiling again and passing a deficit-growing budget. Lacking the political will to cut not one penny from the budget, Republicans in Congress know that in almost every state lurks a fiscal conservative considering a challenge to the established incumbent.

Real-estate tycoon and big-money/big-government political donor Donald Trump defies these definitions, in great part because he is not ideological or principled. Strangely, I can count the number of people that I know who support Trump.  Many of my acquaintances, friends, and relatives of various political stances also are confused and mystified by these polls.  Where do the poll conductors find these people? Are they soap opera fans, retired and hard of hearing, newbies to politics, or just what? Do they own cell phones and computers? Never did we think that a member of the Trump political species would hold voters’ attention long enough to participate in national polls.

Vital to any campaign is getting out the message. Although he has more money than all the other candidates, even Mrs. Clinton, Trump has not needed to spend much of it because of all the free media he receives. I wonder if he even has a commnications director. Media producers seem to be doing that job for him free of charge.

The self-fulfilling cycle of media attention and polling results has unsurprisingly led to more people conceding that Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the parties’ nominees, despite the voters’ personal preferences. The anti-Trump and the anti-Clinton mood also is very strong, hopefully stronger.  Not a speck of a difference exists between Trump and Clinton.  They might as well run on the same ticket.  Their rhetoric right now may sound different, but their actions of the past have not.  Until 2015, the Clintons and the Trumps travelled in the same circles of the rich and powerful, who have no idea how the typical American lives, nor do they care.  They are power-hungry, the worst sort to serve in political office. Their political stances on crony capitalism/corporate welfare, taxes, abortion, marriage, foreign policy, and the expansion of the federal government were practically the same until Trump decided to run for the Republican nomination. What science-fiction author could have predicted this political scenario in 2016 with the infamous Hillary Clinton and billionaire celebrity Donald Trump leading the two major political parties?

Dear American voter, please vote your conscience. At this rate, political satirist The Onion will go out of business.



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