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Unity and Historical Accuracy

Paige “Duffy” Lewis

June 28, 2015


Dear Editor,

If you are going to summarize history leading up to the War for Southern Independence and the history of the Confederate battle flag, (“Lower the Confederate Flag, Raise the Level of Unity, Move the Country Forward,” July 8, 1998), in fairness you could present the counter argument to your own.

I agree with you, however, that the Statehouse represents all citizens of South Carolina.  I am not offended by the Confederate flag; in fact I like its symbolism — honor, loyalty, duty — but it is not an official flag of S.C., and, therefore, it should not be flying atop the Statehouse.

Regardless of the corruption of its symbolism by the Ku Klux Klan, any other group, or any person, it is a symbol of pride for Southerners and deserves its rightful place at the Confederate Memorial.  It represents the freedom of the individual states to decide their future when the federal government sacrificed one section of the country for another.

That was the cause that led S.C. to vote unanimously to withdraw itself from the Union.  Despite its history of rebellion, the South has produced more patriotic soldiers than any other section of the country.  Her loyalty to the United State of America is absolute.

For clarification, the “Stars and Bars” is the national Confederate flag, not the battle flag.  Americans would do well to learn their country’s history based on historical fact and not popular culture’s interpretation of history [or political rhetoric].


Duffy Lewis

July 22, 1998

Charleston City Paper


One comment on “Unity and Historical Accuracy

  1. Brian Birdnow
    June 30, 2015

    Miss Lewis is absolutely right when she states that the South has produced more patriotic soldiers than any other section of the country. The South has always led the nation in military enlistments, and that is one reason that the CSA proved a tough nut to crack in the War of 1861-65.

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