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We All Mourn

Paige “Duffy” Lewis

April 16, 2015

In this world of microwave journalism, we are reminded once again why gathering the facts is so crucial before rushing to judgment and reacting. The minute-by-minute deluge of information and misinformation on social media, and the ubiquitous-ness of the internet enables sloppy professional and amateur news reporting. For the sake of justice and truth in news, communicators of all sorts: bloggers, social media managers, columnists, and journalists, need to hold themselves to the highest standWalter Scott funeral best man mourningard to present the facts accurately and in context.

Within the competitive nature of the business, too often news producers want to be first to report a story at the expense of accuracy and thoughtful analysis. Fol-lowing these stories, which may elicit strong emotions, is difficult because too of-ten people react without processing the information and analyzing it objectively. Readers react emotionally and can be manipulated by sensationalized headlines.


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