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Family Disintegration: The Root of Social Ills

Paige “Duffy” Lewis

MAY 7, 2015

History’s proven the family unit is the building block of a stable society, and the most stable societies are those with political, religious, social, and economic structures that support the family. However, once those structures no longer support the family and individuals no longer feel the consequences, the disintegration of the family followsSPECIALmarriagechildpovertyUSchart2

We broke these pillars of American society in one generation. Destruction is quick and easy. Another generation of fragile families develops angry children, hungry for a surrogate family, which too often ends up being criminal gangs roaming the streets. The cycle continues.

“Personal responsibility breaks the cycle. Too many Americans don’t seek freedom; they seek comfort,” spoke Rev. C. L. Bryant to an audience at Charleston Southern University.




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